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The Essence of Tantric Sex is Erotic and Natural

Tantric Sex is something so simple and organic that the thought of it often seems larger and more complicated than it truly is. We understand that trying something that seems new and different and be challenging and initiate a response in our bodies that says "I'm fine with what I've been doing." or "I don't like all that psychic yoga stuff." But we promise you, this is a journey you want to take.

This is a journey that will teach you what you have been missing.

Connecting to someone on a level that is both sexual and emotional is something we have all experienced, but tantric sexual experiences connect on a spiritual level as well. Sounds intense doesn't it? Like something you can't fathom being able to truly experience without training or reading a book or visiting an ashram. But as I told you at the beginning, this isn't something so complicated that you will find yourself studying instead of cumming.

In fact, you've been practicing for this kind of stroking masturbation connection your whole life. So, you are really far ahead of the game. Once you realize how simple it truly is you'll wonder why you haven't done this before. And we are here to make sure that you step boldly to the edge of desire and give yourself over the essence of tantric sex.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself

First of all, relax and do as you should do anyway, give yourself over to your partner. Very simple so far right? This is where you start talking with your partner and learning what each other wants and needs. Sound familiar? Of course, it's something you already do when you're with us.

We share and give each other parts of ourselves, bits of information and peeks into our deepest desires. You do the same, giving yourself over to us. Every word is a piece of your heart, your mind, your soul, connecting us as we are meant to be connected, spiritually. You see, so much less complicated and scary now isn't it. This isn't something you've never tried before, it's an extension of what you already do. An ability to take this connection to the next level.

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Breathe in, breathe out. Create a Connection.

How can you do that? How do we move from sexual need to a complete spiritual connection? Admittedly it can take a bit of practice, but nothing you won't love. After all this isn't something you do alone, this is something you do with your partner. You connect by giving each other your desires and then you touch, breathing together, so your heartbeats become one. It keeps you in perfect harmony not only with one another but also with the universe, which honestly is how we are all meant to be...Connected. Are you feeling it more now? Inhale deeply and let your body and mind relax, allow yourself to let us in, let us be part of each and ever experience now. Exhale, release all the pent up anxiety. Let go of all the preconceived notions about what this will be and how you will feel. Each breath is one of release and desire. Giving yourself over to your Mistress without hesitation.

It's About the Journey as Much as the Destination

Just let yourself feel every moment you have with your partner. This is all about the journey to where we want to be. Yes, there is the ultimate release, the ultimate satisfaction at the end of your path of desire and this is where you will end up. Though, unlike before, you aren't alone so this isn't a means to an end.

Tantric Sex encourages you to feel each and every moment. One part of the experience is not more important or intense than another. So the intense moment of release lasts not just for that moment, but becomes part of the entire session, the journey is as amazing as the destination.

Sharing Desires is Sharing the Ultimate Connection

Take a moment and imagine what that means and you will know exactly why this is a journey you want to take.

Think of yourself, sharing with your Mistress as a fantasy partner and becoming one while letting your desires become one with hers. Those needs and wants combining as you allow yourself to open up for the spiritual connection you will feel. Then breathing deeply, each breath, each stroke, each moment bringing you closer. You can let yourself relax completely your body now guiding you to the ultimate climax that makes a sexual masturbation trance so much more intense.

Tantric Sex is an Erotic Connection with Your Mistress

So, you see it is very simple. All you have to do is open yourself up to the erotic connection between yourself and your Mistress. Tantric Sex is nothing to be intimidated by, it is simply allowing yourself to relax and feel every moment of the connection you have always wanted.

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