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Transcendental nirvana? Cosmic connection? Euphoric ecstasy? The power of the universe is pulsating in you as we speak. Undulating waves of pure pleasure and explosive high-octane energy is in every atom of your very existence. Learn to harness and expand upon it. Let it seep deep down from that pent up reservoir and let the tidal flow saturate your senses. I will help you find your signature vibration; rhythms of your heart, the syncopation of your root chakra, and all the luscious libations of the flesh. Drink it in. Stay present and indulge into the moment of release. Live within it longer than you thought possible. The synergy of our joint energy will create its own power that will course from me to you and back in the circular dance of combined minds, bodies, and spirits.

While all of this may seem like intimidating and heavy concepts, it's really just pleasure play. Think of it as catch, hold, and release. You will gain what you give into it and for your efforts you will be rewarded will undeniable gratification. Just as pain and pleasure are strings strummed by the same hand, in which not even the fastidious fingers know where they?ll land, desire and sexual drive are the flip side of the coin ?satisfaction and contentment are constantly spinning and swirling in the celestial vortex of your own personal magnetism. You will learn to gravitate into that which you seek by receiving and giving yourself up to a surrender of the faltering ego. Are you ready to see new constellations of orgasmic super novas?